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Winning A Progressive Pokie Jackpot

Winning A Progressive Pokie Jackpot

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016 in Winning |

Progressive pokies are the pokie machines famously attributed with the highest achievable jackpots in the game of slots. The jackpots on these machines sometimes reach astronomical heights and can turn a player into a millionaire in a single pull of the lever. Players all around the world seek progressive jackpot pokies machines hoping that their life will change too, just like the lives of the lucky few who won such a jackpot. Here we will tell you about the progressive pokie jackpot machines and the ways to increase your odds of winning a life-changing jackpot.

A progressive jackpot is based on the concept of increasing the height of the jackpot with every new player. This means that every time a new gambler bets some money on this game over the network of connected progressive jackpot pokies, more money goes into the pool for the jackpot. A portion of these totaled wages will form the jackpot, and it can grow to phenomenal heights. Even the base jackpots on these machines can be very tempting, the nature of the machine, the progressiveness is what gives the jackpot the ability to grow so large. And it will continue rising until a lucky gambler claims it. Then the pool resets and the base jackpot is the new starting point.On average, a player will claim the progressive jackpot every few weeks, but sometimes it happens that months pass before a jackpot is won and the amount keeps rising and rising, attracting, even more, new players, so the jackpot grows even faster, something like the snowball effect.

When it comes to strategies or method players can use to win a progressive jackpot, let us tell you straight away: there are none. The game of online pokies is a totally random game, based on chance. There is absolutely nothing a player can do to influence the game or predict the result of the spin. People like to believe in magic, superstition, and fairies, but this time, we have to burst the bubble and tell you that this is a movie you are not going to see. Pokie games cannot be manipulated or fixed.

However, if you would like to make your pokie games more interesting and enjoyable, then we have a couple of tips for you. For example, if you want to win the progressive jackpot, you will have to place the maximum bets.

So, go for it, run for the thrill of the bet and place maximum bets. Who knows, luck just might shine on you. Furthermore, you have to find a progressive jackpot game, because only these machines offer high jackpots, and go local.

Local progressives carry a slightly better chance of winning the jackpot because of the lesser number of players involved. In the end, do not forget to leave your losses behind you. The golden rule of gambling applies for pokies as well. Extend only how much your wallet allows you and do not be tempted by the crazy jackpot amounts: leave the game once you run out of funds, there is always time to play tomorrow.

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Strategies For Playing Pokies Online

Strategies For Playing Pokies Online

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016 in Strategies |

Pokies are a wide-known game of fortune and it has been around for over 100 years. Due to the development of technology, pokies machines have evolved and they have been modernized over the years. Nowadays, when everything is online and we are moving towards the virtual world, you can also play pokies over the Internet. The number of different online pokies games is huge, and everyone can find something for themselves.

It is important to know that pokies are a game of fortune, which means that it uses an algorithm to generate a random combination of symbols every time a player pulls a lever. This means that common misconceptions about pokies are not really something you should believe. The machine is not more likely to give a jackpot after a higher number of games, since it has no memory and the combination of symbols is generated independently every time. However, this does not mean that you cannot develop a certain form of strategy when playing pokies on the internet. We will give you some useful tips how to play a game of online pokies the best you can.The first thing to do is determine the amount of money you are willing to invest in online gambling. This way you will avoid spending too much and you will not get frustrated in case you fail. Spending unlimited amounts of money on gambling may cause many issues, and this is definitely something you want to avoid. The predetermined amount of money for gambling is something you set aside for your pleasure and leisure, so you will not feel guilty even if you lose it.

After determining the amount of money for gambling, you should start looking for the best online machine to play pokies. The choice is enormous, but do not get enchanted by overly complex machines with too many options and symbols. Even though they look appealing, it is more difficult to win something because the possible combinations of symbols are much larger.

Generally speaking, the odds are the best on pokies machines with three reels, so you should stick with them.When it comes to investing the money, the odds of winning something significant increase with the sum of money you invest.

Therefore, play fewer games with larger amounts rather than more games with smaller amounts of money. Do not rush and play as slowly as you can, so you will enjoy the whole experience of playing pokies even if you play fewer games.

Online casinos often offer bonuses for players, and the same goes for online pokies. Explore the bonuses you have available, as well as the conditions under which you can win them. They can be a great way of winning some extra money, or they provide you at least with additional rounds when playing pokies on the Internet – which increases the chance of winning.With pokies, both land-based an online, you should rely mainly on luck and always remember that it is a game of fortune. Still, you can apply the advice we gave you, play responsibly and increase your chance not only of winning, but of enjoying the overall experience.

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Pokies Pros And Cons

Pokies Pros And Cons

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016 in Pros And Cons |

How many have you heard about pokies?
How many times have you played them? Why should you play them why not? These just some of the questions that you have probably was wondering whenever you come up to this type of game. Well, the truth is that this is one of the most interesting ways to earn money, but everything else you can find the bad side even of this type of entertainment.
Let’s start with its good sides. First of all, you can easily earn money no matter what people say this is a way of earning money. You will easily make a profit after only a month of playing it. Second, it is equally interesting as gambling even if it is completely legal. So nobody is going to sue you if you are playing pokies on your mobile phone. We can say that pokies represent the revolutionary moment in the world of gambling. No wonder so many casinos are investing in online gambling all over the world. Nowadays, people use online gambling more than ever. Online pokies games are the fun, interesting and cheap way of gambling. You don’t have to leave your house.

It’s like having your personal Las Vegas Casino whenever you want. You can bring it with you wherever you want, whenever you want. You play it while you are standing in the line in the post, on a bus coming back from work or on the bank in the park during your lunch time.

This mobility is one of the biggest advantages is one of the most important and biggest advantages of this way of gambling. The next is its simplicity. Only three reels. Come on?!!!!! Unbelievable but truth. Your chances to earn money are huge.

Even if you think it is a fraud you should try it at home. Start with a small amount just to be sure that you can handle with this type of game and until you learn how it function. After you learn the rules, you will be able to play.

Of course like anything in life this type of gaming has it flaws. First of it can be harmful to your computer to play it, especially if you are not enough careful. The pokies are very popular, and you have to be aware that sometimes you can pick a malware and unpleasant viruses that go along with it. Sometimes they are a minor one, but sometimes they can be a very dangerous one. In this case, the only thing you have to do is to protect yourself before you start playing it. Simply upgrade your computer with the highest protection and you will never have to worry about it again.

Even if you think this is nonsense install the MaCafe or any other protection just to be precocious. After you finish this set up, you will be free to play pokies as long as you want. You will be free to enjoy the game and feel safe at the same time.

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Online Pokies Ultimate Guide

Online Pokies Ultimate Guide

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016 in Casino |

Are you a fan of casino games, do you like to test your luck and your skills in games like roulette, blackjack, and fruit machine? Then you’ll be pleased to know that now you can play all your favorite games on a fruit machine online. Maybe you’re not a fan of crowded places and casinos get pretty full, but no worries you can play the same games online from the comfort of your home. You can even play them on your phone if sitting next to a computer if not your thing.

How to start?

Whether you want to play on your phone or computer all you need to do is go online, create an account and you ready to play.

You can find plenty of mobile pokies on Android or other markets and create an account and become a member will only take a couple of minutes from your time. Once you do this, you can get bonuses in coins.

These coins will come in handy, and they’ll give you a head start that other players won’t have.The key is to pick pokies that provide these bonuses upon registration of your account. So look for a coin icon next to a puggy or a dollar sign if you are on your desktop.

Tips for Winning.
When playing poker on pokies or fruit machine games, you need to plan your approach to avoid spending too much money in the first couple of steps. To do this just make sure that you limit your bests on each puggy or even better on each line on that fruit machine. You can do this by checking options on your app or viewing setting on online on the website. This way you can control how much you spend on each bet. Another great way to ensure your success if to play safe bets. You’re thinking, how is this even possible. Well you can play risking it all, and you can play safely in every game, right? So do the same on mobile pokies by stopping when you should and getting the money that you have without risking and losing it all.
Strategies and tips.

If you want to be successful in playing pokies, you need to make a strategy of some sort. When searching for fruit machine server, look for the one with a high number of games in it. There a good tactic called play and switch which revolves around playing few times on one poky and then switching to another. People do this because jackpot activates after a certain number of plays on one puggy. When this number exceeds the limit jackpot is automatically activated, and this is why you should change buggy frequently.

Basically what it does is that it increases your chances for a jackpot and that what we are all chasing for in pokies games.Once you truly learn and understand completely how it works, you will play like a pro. Start gambling and make money online.

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Make Money Playing Pokies from your Home

Make Money Playing Pokies from your Home

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016 in Games, Pokies |

If you like casino games and love to spend hours improving your technique on random tables where players are eager to get some quick money we have some good news for you. Now you can play casino games online whether from your computer or your phone. It doesn’t even matter if you haven’t played poker, roulette or any other casino game before. It’s extremely fun to play, and the money that you can get out of it motivates you to keep going. So before you know it you will be earning a basic salary while playing casino games from you home.

How to get it?

To start playing any pokies on your phone or your computer all, you have to go to android market (if you want to play on your phone) or search online for various online casino games to play on the spot on their website.

When you download the game, you need to open an account and register it. After this, you are ready to start playing any casino game that you want. By playing daily or visit their site every 24 hours, if you are playing on your computer, you can get all sorts of bonuses and a chance to win a progressive online jackpot.

Different types of Pokies.
You can spend hours searching for the best pokies but if you don’t know where to look you will only waste your time. Some pokies that you can find online grant a bonus when you open an account with them. This bonus provides you a certain amount of chips that are the in-game currency which can be transformed into real money. So to get a good head start to look for generous casino games that offer more credits at the start then the rest. This will not only boost your progress, but will also motivate you to play better in order to get more money.

Gambling like a pro.
To become a top player and compete only with the best players on big tables that have high stakes you need to increase your level. Level determines how skillful a certain player is. Some poker tables, for example, have a limit on their server. This means that only high-level players will be able to enter and play on it. You can earn serious amounts of money on these servers, but the stakes are extremely high so novice players should avoid these tables even if their level is accepted. If level requirement on a table is let’s say above level 30 and you are level 31, you should play on other low ranked tables. The reason for this precaution is because level 30 plus players often have veterans with a level over 50. So improve your gambling techniques more before testing your skills on advanced tables.

Now you know all there is to know about online casino games, and you may start earning money by placing safe bets that will slowly but surely bring you further to the top.

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What Are The Best Games For You?

What Are The Best Games For You?

Posted by on Aug 28, 2016 in Games |

We have looked far and wide, tested every machine in every bar and casino we got to, ran across dozens of online casinos and made the selection of the best casino games and pokies for you to enjoy!

Beach Life

If there is anything pokies, players love it’s the high winning odds! One of the hottest online casino games out there must be the Beach Life. With an average of over a million dollars paid out as a jackpot, this game is the one you want to play. The interesting and colorful display is another bonus you get here, together with scatter symbols and wilds that can often be found and with amazing effects.Nothing is stopping you from trying this premium game right now!

Circus of Cash

Ah, who doesn’t like a good circus? Am I right or am I right? There is just something special about the circus that makes us wander and dream and with this amazing pokies game offering nine bonuses the dream is an actual reality. With the progressive bar that fills up waiting for the perfect time to make you a lucky jackpot winner, Circus of Cash is sure to get your blood pumping!

Jacks or Better

Now, here is a treat for you! This is a fantastic game that offers the combination of the standard reels pokies we all love and adore with video poker and the deck of 52 cards with the rules just like in poker!

Get the royal flush and you win the jackpot which means that here you will combine the luck with skill, making this game as fun and exciting as the prospects of winning serious cash.

Thunderstruck II

Did you think we could make a list of best pokies without mentioning the great one? Of course not! Even though we all know about it, there is no way of going around this golem of the pokies world. The sheer size of the games popularity won’t allow us doing so!
Try this epic slot game with 243 lines in a quest for fortune and money. With graphics, sound, and gameplay improved from the prequel, Thunderstruck II is a feast for all senses. If you never played it, we’ll only tell you that this game is baring the status of a cult in the land down under and it would be offensive to tellan Aussie you never played it. So, get going and try this incredible game now!

Desert Treasure

Have you ever played the game of treasure hunting, with pirates, exotic islands and maps leading to the fantastic prize? If so, you will love the Dessert Treasure! It will bring you back into time and allow you to go on a hunt once more, this one with real cash as a prize. Rules are simple, classic five reels and endless opportunities await the brave sailors who dare to test the unknown waters. There is a reason this game was the most commonly played of all pokies in 2015.

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